InnerTrek's unique, three-dimensional Whole Leadership Process™ engages participants in developing new skills at multiple levels of awareness.

Simple learning generally requires only outer behavioral skill building. Complex learning must address inner meaning, relevance and motivation, as well as behavior. To achieve the goal of whole leadership development, we combine personal insight and growth learning with outer behavioral skill building. In the Whole Leadership Process™, behavioral skills and techniques are connected and related to fundamental inner abilities and motivations in a meaningful way.

This integrated A, B, C approach develops the whole person and fosters the internalization and effective translation of the training and learning into your workplace and your personal life. You'll experience meaningful, enduring change with the Whole Leadership Process™ as it lays the groundwork for leadership that's based in wisdom, professional maturity and character.

The Whole Leadership Process™ utilizes three integrated learning components to address the key elements of whole leadership:

  • Positive Attitude (Self-Knowledge)
  • Effective Behavior (Communication Skills)
  • Personal Confidence (Transformative Practice)

Positive Attitude
 (Self-Knowledge)to the top

Positive Attitude is achieved through the development of self-knowledge by examining common inner processes and the role they play in driving what we do and say. Positive Attitude brings forth the inner perception, resourcefulness, integrity and trust building capacity necessary for establishing the kind of enduring internal and external relationships that epitomize whole leadership.

Participants in the Positive Attitude (Self Knowledge) modules will learn about the conscious and unconscious factors that form intentions and create authenticity: awareness, imagination, reflection, and judgment. They will explore the important roles that perception, projection, personality and persona play in relationships, and examine their own personality and persona tendencies, including how they are perceived by others and how to manage personality differences.

Effective Behavior (Communication Skills)

Effective Behavior is achieved through the development of communication skills that seek to match our intentions with productive action in word and deed. Effective Behavior modules provide the instruction, practice and coaching necessary to leverage each pivotal moment in business and personal interactions, meetings and industry gatherings for maximum success.

Participants in the Effective Behavior modules will develop skills from the following areas, depending upon the focus of the particular program:

  • Relationship skills - Learning techniques for recognizing and resolving differences, creating productive relationships, developing verbal content and strategies, giving and receiving peer feedback, and mentoring others.
  • Presentation skills - Learning to develop content clarity and memorability, to maximize physical delivery and interactive skills, and to present thoughts and feelings in a variety of specific situations, including informational and motivational forums, formal and informal settings, small and large groups settings, and internal and external situations.
  • Teamwork skills - Learning leadership and team strategy options, effective leading and following behaviors, team spontaneity and creativity techniques, and how to work more effectively together.

Personal Confidence (Transformative Practice)to the top

Personal Confidence is achieved through transformative practice. We use carefully designed exercises, videotaping and individualized feedback in our indoor programs.  In outdoor programs, sea kayaking and trapeze arts are used to empower individuals to apply the skills they've learned to new and challenging situations. Personal Confidence through transformative practice produces the courage and mental, emotional and physical "memory muscle" needed to continually confront the inner qualms and outer obstacles that emerge in pivotal business and personal situations.

All of our programs offer a safe, fun and highly interactive experience facilitated by seasoned professional instructors. And, whether it be in one of our traditional indoor seminars or consultations, or in an exciting outdoor learning sea-kayaking or trapeze arts program, participants walk away with practice knowledge, increased abilities and a greater sense of personal confidence.

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