Is INNERTREK for you?

If you have been disappointed investing in personal and professional development programs that have turned out to be too “philosophical” in nature to be relevant or practical, or too steeped in unnatural technique and jargon to instill meaningful lasting change in motivation or behavior, try InnerTrek.

InnerTrek is committed to cultivating practical wisdom in ways that naturally enrich the person and enhance professional effectiveness. Our services help people be more authentic, productive and confident in what they think, do and say in the real-life pivotal situations they encounter each day. We help them become whole leaders from the inside out. Please take a look at what working with InnerTrek can do for your company, individuals and recent graduates.

Working with Companiesto the top

InnerTrek works with companies interested in creating management and business longevity, and committed to long-term planning as a business strategy. We help profit and not-for-profit organizations overcome the fundamental leadership oversights that often lead to perpetual strategy revisions and workforce behavior that does not match organizational intention.

InnerTrek can help:

   Executive Teams

  • Cultivate an image of relaxed, inspirational, forceful and authentic leadership
  • Improve personal communication and relationship-building skills
  • Communicate effectively when dealing with difficult people
  • Give feedback to others in a way that produces tangible improvement
  • Repair lack of focus, cooperation and communication on executive teams
  • Create clear, consistent and motivating messages to employees at company-wide events
  • Repair the disconnect between expressed corporate goals and what managers actually ask employees to do
  • Counsel managers who resort to non-constructive, reactive responses to stressful circumstances and challenges
  • Manage press & media events confidently, competently and convincingly
  • Instill confidence and trust in dealings with Board meetings, stockholder gatherings, presentations to analysts, and community events

    Sales Forces

  • Do what it takes to sell more, and faster
  • Develop communication skills that inspire trust in customers
  • Get customers to want to listen to you
  • Uncover and speak to the needs of clients
  • Cultivate strong, long-lasting relationships with clients
  • Create truly interactive sales presentations that make you stand out
  • Manage objections and questions positively and productively
  • Prepare more efficiently for sales calls
  • Establish an image of strength and confidence, without the arrogance


  • Present recommendations to superiors confidently and effectively
  • Deliver directives with clarity, good humor and a clear call to action
  • Communicate effectively with difficult people
  • Improve listening abilities
  • Organize and facilitate face-to-face meetings, video and audio conferences more skillfully
  • Give feedback to reports in a way that produces tangible improvement
  • Stand out as a genuine leader in company-wide events

Working with Individualsto the top

InnerTrek helps individuals increase personal comfort, confidence and effectiveness in essential life and career communication situations.

InnerTrek can help:


  • Demonstrate executive communication abilities in one-on-one meetings
  • Develop stand-out presentations that sell ideas and products effectively
  • Evaluate the executive abilities of potential employees more skillfully


  • Develop better relationship-building skills
  • Present ideas with confidence, clarity and purpose
  • Deal with tough communication situations
    Graduates/Job Seekers
  • Read the communication clues given by other people more clearly
  • Prove to others you are a good listener
  • Impress prospective employers in face-to-face interviews
  • Look and sound professional in a variety of communication situations
  • Show you can relate and function effectively, both independently and as a team member
  • Develop the necessary personal courage, resourcefulness, resiliency and motivation to land the job you want

      InnerTrek offers special pricing and programs for all ex-military personnel. We deeply appreciate your             service to our country. Our goal is to help you augment the communication skills you learned in and             prepare you for success in the civilian world.

Working with Schools & Families                                                                            to the top

Some of the specific opportunities InnerTrek offers include:

  • Making family reunions and celebrations memorable
  • Learning communication, public speaking and interviewing skills
  • Facilitating family or group decisions
  • Providing an opportunity for artistic and creative development

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