InnerTrek is a leadership development company that promotes whole-person leadership from the inside out. We empower individuals to be more personally effective, whether they're in corporate management and executive positions, or participating in community and youth organizations. Our goal is to help participants recognize the relevance and embrace the principles of whole leadership in all aspects of their lives.

Why "whole" leadership? Because the ability to inspire others to respond, perform or give their best requires a personal authenticity and confidence that's based in the mastery of both inner awareness and outer skills. It's the "wholeness" that emanates from the combination of fully developed inner and outer processes, and leads to personal charisma and effective leadership.

Unlike other programs that tend to be one-dimensional in approach, InnerTrek derives its power from an integrated, three-dimensional approach to learning - the Whole Leadership Process. This process engages the whole person in learning through a dynamic combination of intuitive, didactic and physical skill building techniques. The result is more meaningful, enduring change in individuals and businesses, creating a robust foundation for effective leadership and long-term success.

The InnerTrek programs are inspired by Robert M. Figari, a leadership development, communications and teambuilding consultant for over 20 years. Bob has worked throughout the world with entrepreneurs and senior executives, managers and individuals, both privately and on behalf of other consulting organizations. He has spoken before a variety of audiences and appeared on television and radio, including ABC's "20/20". InnerTrek draws from an extensive community of highly qualified experts to ensure a rich, valuable experience for every participant.

InnerTrek develops custom programs to meet your organization's particular needs.


Working with Companiesto the top

InnerTrek works with companies that recognize they need assistance in creating management and business longevity, and are committed to long-term planning as a business strategy. We help profit and not-for-profit organizations overcome the fundamental leadership oversights that often lead to perpetual strategy revisions and workforce behavior that does not match organizational intention.

InnerTrek can help if you:

  • Perceive a lack of focus, cooperation, communication and productivity at the executive level
  • Worry about whether your team members are truly working in concert with you
  • Are concerned whether your executive team can implement the corporate strategy fast enough to satisfy customers, board members, and other stakeholders
  • Recognize the connection between inefficiencies in inter-relationship skills and ineffective operational performance, and want to maximize skills for the long-term
  • Perceive a lack of workforce motivation, passion and personal commitment
  • Recognize the disconnect between expressed corporate goals and what managers actually ask employees to do
  • Are frustrated with a revolving door of management consultant strategies that seem inconsistent with your corporate culture
  • Have managers and employees who resort to non-constructive, reactive responses to stressful circumstances and challenges
  • Find your group preoccupied with protectionist or defensive posturing and political battles, rather than achieving results


Working with Youthto the top

InnerTrek works with schools and youth groups to nurture whole leadership abilities in young people. Our goal is to help increase their individual and group effectiveness and provide them with essential life and career skills.

InnerTrek can help young leaders in your school or group if they:

  • Need public speaking skills for school competitions or to enrich existing curriculum content
  • Are high school students concerned about impressing college admissions counselors or prospective employers in face-to-face interviews
  • Need guidance in relating and functioning more effectively, both independently and as a team member
  • Are holding back from experiencing peak performance because of a lack of courage, resourcefulness, resiliency or motivation
  • Worry about how to compete both effectively and with compassion for others
  • Feel a lack of practical, mutual support from other students and peers
  • Are looking for "thrills" in unhealthy situations


Working with Communityto the top

InnerTrek offers a tremendous opportunity for families and community groups to develop closer ties, better skills and greater personal courage, all while having a terrific time together.

Some of the specific opportunities InnerTrek offers include:

  • Making family reunions and celebrations memorable
  • Learning communication, public speaking and interviewing skills
  • Developing spiritually oriented retreats
  • Facilitating family or group decisions
  • Providing an opportunity for artistic and creative development

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