InnerTrek offers a full range of whole leadership consultative, coaching and facilitation services for companies that are seeking management and business longevity through leadership and communications development. Our services reflect the various ways we can help cultivate practical wisdom, increase productivity and improve communications at all levels of your organization. Whatever service attracts you, we promise an approach that is creative, produces lasting change and is customized to meet your organization’s specific leadership needs.

Our services also provide community and youth organizations an opportunity to develop the same type of business and personal skills that larger, well-respected companies actively seek and accumulate for their leadership and workforce. Our whole leadership approach is entirely customized for the special needs of community and youth audiences.

Our services include:


Internal Communications

InnerTrek helps organizations successfully plan and deliver the communication of critical internal strategies.

Relationship Intervention

InnerTrek intervenes where breakdowns in leadership, communication and teamwork are holding back productivity, working to repair and revitalize relationships at a personal and organizational level.


InnerTrek helps individual executives or executive teams maximize their internal and external business relationships and communications.


InnerTrek helps individuals, work groups and teams develop actionable goals and effective agreements, action plans and presentations.


InnerTrek provides instruction, practice and professional feedback to develop practical business communication and leadership skills. We use a combination of self-knowledge skills, relationship, communication and teamwork skills, and transformative learning skills (such as sea kayaking and flying trapeze) tailored to your group's needs. Videotaped feedback and situational role plays are utilized.


InnerTrek provides teambuilding outings for business and community organizations, schools and private groups. Our outings can be as instructional or playful as you want, as physically challenging or recreational as you need. We can stay local or take you to remote settings.


InnerTrek offers unique and inspirational offsite programs for leaders who see the value in getting away to remote places to strategize, work on their relationship skills, learn about the outdoors and tap into the creative energy of nature.


InnerTrek tailors its programs for schools and community groups that want to provide their junior high and high school youth with fun and practical relationship, communication and teamwork skill building techniques. The program is designed to help young people feel better about themselves now, as well as prepare themselves for future college and career experiences.


InnerTrek provides trained mediators to help resolve interpersonal disputes. Our mediators serve as neutral third parties to help individuals in companies and families improve their communications and resolve their differences. Troublesome issues are clarified, options are identified and mutually acceptable resolutions are reached. Our specialty is elder mediation.

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