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Welcome to InnerTrek. We offer a dynamic combination of professional and personal development workshops, trainings and seminars, private consultations and outdoor experiences that are professional, effective, affordable and fun. Our goal is to help you become more aware, confident and successful in whatever communication situations you encounter.

Our programs utilize a Whole Leadership Process™ that cultivates Positive Attitude, through greater self-knowledge, develops more Effective Behavior, through communication skill instruction, and builds Personal Confidence through transformative practice with expert instruction, thoughtful individual coaching, educative videotaping and stimulating physical activities.


Our instructors are communication masters who have trained and consulted with thousands of individuals and groups around the world for over 20 years. Our experience extends to working with professionals in electronics and pharmaceutical manufacturing, trade, telecommunications, insurance, banking and finance, education, government and health services, at the executive level, in management, sales, production, marketing, R&D, customer service, human resources and finance.

We have the professional background and experience to know what it takes to communicate effectively as an individual or team member in small or large group presentations, meetings, media events, sales calls, interviews or any other pivotal communication situations.


Fear & Anxiety The fear of speaking is universal and for many can be a barrier to personal or professional success. We offer practical learning and skill development that is sensitive to the emotional needs of program participants. 

ABC's 20/20 featured the work of our founder, Robert M. Figari, in a show that focused on the fear of speaking. In John Stossel's "Stage Fright", Bob worked exclusively with a prospective software manager who was anxious about speaking to groups, but had agreed to be the show's "guinea pig". After several intense days of preparation and personal coaching, the woman finally presented her marketing plan to the management team. She performed wonderfully, winning the praise of her boss and, most importantly, receiving a promotion — all this despite being filmed throughout the entire process for a national TV broadcast! 

Practical Learning Too many programs are fat in theory, but lean in practical, demonstrable learning that is relevant to the crucial, everyday needs of program participants. In every InnerTrek program, we take the time to explore the individual needs of every participant — then we flex the program agenda to address those areas of concern. All our programs are highly interactive, with ongoing integration of participant questions and comments into the learning modules by our facilitators.

Coaching & Practice Our Whole Leadership Process™ really works! We provide instruction that:

  • sparks the internal and external development of the whole person,
  • reinforces the intellectual and emotional learning with insightful coaching that is direct, objective and sensitive, without being "sugar-coated",
  • drives the learning into the body— producing positive "muscle memory"— through lots of challenging and fun practice, usually in videotaped sessions.

Natural Self Too many programs are "sausage factories" filled with artificial techniques that ignore individual genius and personality. We see the communication skills we teach as a conduit for bringing out more of each person's natural style — in a more effective and genuine way.

Our programs provide tangible increases in self-awareness, professional performance and personal resilience which leads to greater productivity and effectiveness in achieving personal and business goals.


At InnerTrek, we are committed to providing quality training and consulting at affordable pricing whether you are an individual, a small business, a large corporation, a community organization or a recent student. You will find that comparable programs offered in the corporate training and consulting world are far more expensive than ours — we do it cheaper and better.

What is Whole Leadership?

Whole leadership is the ability to take productive, courageous and authentic action in both good times and bad in order to provide a synergistic, well-rounded response to challenges.

Whole leaders have both a realistic and idealistic vision of their business. They develop goals, strategies and relationships of an enduring nature that emphasize long-term success and are balanced by attention to day-to-day goals.

Whole leaders have the self-assurance and ability to confront and manage the inner fears they encounter in pivotal situations, and to inspire others to perform at peak levels.

Achieving whole leadership requires mastery of Positive Attitude, Effective Behavior and Personal Confidence. It demands openness to a whole-person, three-dimensional approach to learning in order to produce tangible, sustainable results in skill building, and personal effectiveness and the cultivation of practical wisdom.

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With InnerTrek, if you are a business, you’re taking a profound first step towards creating a healthy, robust foundation for organizational stability and long-term growth and success.

If you are an individual, InnerTrek promises you will acquire a set of communication skills that will produce immediate results in your career and personal life.

And for teachers and parents who know the value of effective communication skills in adult life and want to give that gift of learning to students, you can trust InnerTrek to deliver sound training and support for the whole person.

Please take a look at our services to see which InnerTrek program looks the most interesting. Then call or email us to discuss how we may tailor a program to your needs.

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